Working remotely in Puerto Rico: A guide to co-working spaces, internet access, and balancing work and leisure

Have you ever dreamed of working remotely from a tropical paradise? Puerto Rico, a popular destination for digital nomads, is catching the eye of remote workers worldwide. Imagine blending your workday with sun-soaked beaches, reliable internet, and a vibrant co-working scene. Let’s explore what remote work in Puerto Rico entails, from top-notch co-working spaces to ensuring solid internet access and maintaining a work-life balance.

1.Co-working spaces:

In Puerto Rico, co-working spaces are more than just a workspace. They’re thriving communities filled with diverse professionals and ample networking opportunities.

Engine-4: Engine-4 is the largest co-working space in Puerto Rico. Located in Bayamon, it provides amenities like meeting rooms, private desks, a cafeteria, and more. They also host regular networking events, allowing you to connect with other professionals.

Piloto151: Known for its comfortable workspaces and chic urban design, Piloto151 has several locations across San Juan. They offer meeting rooms, virtual office services, mail handling, and even coding boot camps.

Internet access:

Reliable, high-speed internet is critical for remote work. Here’s how you can stay connected in Puerto Rico:

Co-working spaces: Both Engine-4 and Piloto151 provide high-speed Wi-Fi.

Cafes and restaurants: Many establishments offer free Wi-Fi to customers. Cafes such as Gustos Coffee Co., Caficultura, and Coffee Spot are not just known for their great coffee, but also for their speedy Wi-Fi.

Local SIM cards: For continuous connectivity, consider getting a local SIM card from providers such as Claro, AT&T, or T-Mobile. They offer a variety of plans, including unlimited data packages.

Balancing work and leisure:

One of the perks of working remotely from Puerto Rico is the ability to enjoy the island’s beautiful landscapes and rich culture.

Explore local beaches: Take your breaks on the stunning beaches of Puerto Rico. Visit Playa Flamenco in Culebra, Rincon Beach, or Balneario El Escambron in San Juan.

Immerse in nature: Puerto Rico offers numerous hiking trails and nature tours. Visit the El Yunque National Forest or enjoy a kayak trip in a bioluminescent bay.

Experience local cuisine: Puerto Rico’s culinary scene is vibrant. Explore local markets like Mercado de Santurce, or enjoy dining at top-rated restaurants like Marmalade in San Juan.


Embracing the remote work lifestyle in Puerto Rico offers a unique opportunity to combine productivity with an unforgettable living experience. With the island’s infrastructure, bustling workspaces, and breathtaking leisure spots, you’ll enjoy the best of both worlds.

So why not turn your work-from-home routine into a work-from-beach adventure? Find your ideal balance between work and leisure in the tropical paradise of Puerto Rico.

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